Generate Bulk Facebook Account


Facebook for Pokki  v.

Facebook for Pokki is a small application that allows you to manage your Facebook account right from your desktop.

Notifications for Facebook  v.1.0

Notifications for Facebook is an application allowing you to monitor notifications of your Facebook account.


Fosimo  v.1.1.1

Fosimo was created to offer you the possibility to keep track of all the changes on your Facebook account. Update status, synchronize friends with OUTLOOK, upload photos. Be notified instantly with your friends status updates.

Gialluca's Photo Organizer  v.1.0

Gialluca's Photo Organizer is a free .NET application that organizes photos in a directory structure based on the date the photo was taken. Application can also upload photos to your Flickr and Facebook account.

Easy Photo Uploader  v.

Easy Photo Uploader is a software tool, which allows you to resize and upload your photos to Facebook. An advantage of this utility is that you can log in to the Facebook account directly from the program's interface.

FBQuick  v.1.0

Monitor your Facebook account with this application. FBQuick is a convenient, easy-to-use tool designed to send instant profile notifications on your desktop. 1. Receive instant profile notifications on your desktop 2. Stay connected with your

TweetMyFace  v.1.1

TweetMyFace can let you publish your Facebook notifications on Twitter. The TweetMyFace software was designed to be a small tool that will allow you to publish your Facebook notifications on Twitter.Requirements: * Facebook account * Twitter

Easy Link Generator  v.1.0

Link Generator is a easy software that help you generate bulk links according to your keywords and links.

FacebookSync  v.2.2

FacebookSync used to sync your Apple Address Book with data from your Facebook account.

Facebook Codes  v.1.0

Facebook Codes is a program that will add smileys, skins, styles and themes to your Facebook.

Facebook News Feeds Reader  v.

Facebook News Feeds Reader is a simple tool that allows you to read your news feed posts.

Facebook @Desktop  v.3.1

FaceBook @Desktop is a light-weight client that sits in your system tray, like any other messenger software, and will alert you as soon as some new activity happens in your Facebook stream.

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